Call to ACtion

While sexual abuse cuts across every denomination and beyond, I find myself compelled to address the difficult position that Catholic parishioners currently find themselves in. Many of these horrific acts of abuse happened on your sacred ground. They occurred in your diocese, in your parishes and in some cases, even within the walls that you sit in every Sunday for mass.

Every human being no matter what denomination (or no denomination) finds the acts of these priests, bishops and cardinals who participated in or helped cover up the abuse repulsive and unimaginable. As Catholics, you are looking for a way to vent your frustration yet still protect your church and your faith. It’s with that in mind that I’m sending out a “Call To Action” for all Catholic parishioners to rally around the survivors. I would ask that you please keep your focus on those who are suffering and help the survivors of clergy abuse who faithfully served the Catholic Church as children, but were betrayed by some of the very same priests and bishops we served. Your gift will help give me the opportunity to repair and restore a broken relationship between survivors and God that was shattered through no fault of their own.

With over 70 million registered Catholics in the United States, through the power of collective generosity, your donation today can make an immediate and substantial positive impact in the life of a survivor and play a major role in their healing process. Please spread this message to your fellow parishioners. I have already been asked to speak at local churches in the Charlotte NC area where I live, but I would welcome the opportunity to speak at any church across the country that would be willing to give me a few minutes to share my story and what I’m hoping to accomplish through the FROM DARKNESS INTO LIGHT FOUNDATION.

National Suicide Prevention Line

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch this video. The song “Survivor”, which is sung by Zach Williams who is an award winning Christian music artist, is the perfect anthem for us as survivors.  I hope you find it inspirational.